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Enrico Weigelt, metux IT consult lkml at metux.net
Tue Oct 25 11:04:40 CEST 2022

On 25.10.22 04:34, Kevin Bowen wrote:

Hello Kevin,

> Our documentation for xfconf is maintained at 
> https://docs.xfce.org/xfce/xfconf/start Currently, we are using docuwiki 
> to publish our docs.

There's a specific reason why I chose to do it in the source code
instead somewhere external: these are things that depend on the current
source version - eg. when new settings are introduced, the doc can be
fixed by the same commit.

I'm a great fan of in-code documentation and extracting things
automatically: you can always get the right docs for the exact code
version you're currently looking at. And, of course, the docs go though
the same review process like the code itself. documentation as code ;-)

With Wiki's this is hard and complicated achieve, while directly in
git it's pretty trivial.

My plan was letting the CI build these docs and put 'em into some public
place, where they can directly be referenced from Wiki, so we never have
to touch these pieces manually anymore. For the major releases, we can
have separate Wiki entry pages, that always point to the autogenerated
docs of the corresponding version.

Note that right now we're talking about deeper technical docs for the
professionals (those who need to touch xfconf directly, instead of
going through the settings UI) - that's not an end user manual.

> I've taken a brief look at your MR and it looks like there is definitely 
> some info there that would be useful to add.

Note that it's still an early draft - lots of entries are yet empty,
I'll first have to check in the code, what these options are really


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