Requesting review of complex Xfburn changes

Hunter Turcin huntertur at
Sat Oct 22 05:16:18 CEST 2022

Hello again :)

I would like to thank you folks again for letting me volunteer to take
on the maintainership of Xfburn. Over the past few days, I've been
working on reviewing the long-pending merge requests and fixing some of
the long-standing bugs, inconsistencies, and crashes in the
application. I also seem to keep finding more of these bugs along the

During an investigation of one such issue (a GTK assertion failure that
occurs when plugging in a burner), I discovered that the bones for
device hotplugging support were present in Xfburn and that those bones
just needed some massaging in order to let the application be able to
respond dynamically to additions and removals of burners instead of
only being able to properly respond to disc change events
(insertion/removal). In my testing so far, this has led to a more
robust Xfburn that is better equipped to handle the user forgetting to
plug in a burner (or forgetting to swap out the wrong burner for the
*right* burner) without needing to restart the application.

I have more details in the pending merge request (linked below). Please
take a look at reviewing it if anyone has the time (or the knowledge);
while everything seems to work properly in my testing, it would be good
to have some extra pairs of eyes seeing if there's anything missing or
any glaring violations of maintainability that might have been

Additionally, am I correct in my assumption that HAVE_GUDEV is only
ever going to be defined on a Linux system?

Thanks again,
Hunter Turcin
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