XFCE panel stacking order

Michael Wyraz michael at wyraz.de
Wed Oct 19 07:55:08 CEST 2022


I'm switching a lot between a single and dual monitor configuration. 
This is supported pretty well by XFCE, except when it comes to the panel.

I have 2 panels, one with all the bells ans whistles (like notification 
area which can exist only on one panel), the other only with whisker 
menu and the task buttons.

When unplugging my laptop from the monitors, it seems to be absolute 
random, which of the panels is at the top and so which is visible. 
Sometimes it's the "good one", sometimes the other.

3rd party solutions do exist to deal with that (e.g. 
but this adds/deletes panels and needs to be updated each time the panel 
was changed.

IMO, the issue could solved for almost all use cases if the panel would 
get an option to set the stacking order. The simplest solution would be 
if the order would be the same order as the panel in the panel list. A 
better one would be an option in xfce4-settings-editor. And the ideal 
one would be a setting visible in the panel settings :-)

What do you think? Would this be a low hanging fruit that could be 
easily implemented before 4.18 is released?

Kind regards,


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