Is Xfburn currently maintained?

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Sat Oct 8 20:03:31 CEST 2022

Hi Hunter,
I think it's safe to say Xfburn is unmaintained by now, I'm going to give you Developer permissions, low hanging fruits you can merge yourself, more complex stuff feel free to ask me to review. When you have enough things for a release also poke me :)

Andre Miranda

Oct 7, 2022, 03:58 by huntertur at

> Hello folks,
> I am an occassional contributor to the Xfce project, poking my head in
> about once every few months to submit a code change, file an issue, or
> say something on one of the mailing lists. Xfburn is my preferred
> optical disc burning utility. About a year and a half ago, I submitted
> a merge request (!11) to fix an issue reported near the start of last
> year (#40). Since then, there have been two other merge requests opened
> by another author and multiple seemingly-unacknowledged issues,
> including one inquiring about when the next release would happen (#43).
> While there has been work committed to the main branch in this
> timeframe, the work seems to be limited to items that do not concern
> the actual application code:
> - translations
> - build script fixes
> - updating COPYING
> - updating project URL
> I enjoy using Xfburn over any other optical disc burning utility, and I
> find myself using it at least a few times every month, which I know is
> far more often than someone should be burning discs in 2022 :), but I
> enjoy collecting and messing around with computers from the late 1990s,
> so Xfburn gets regular use whenever I need to burn a bootable CD or
> DVD. It would be a shame if this program withered away.
> Has Xfburn had a maintainer over the past year and a half, and if not,
> is there a process I could follow to volunteer to take on this role?
> While I don't have much experience maintaining open-source projects, I
> think it would improve the current state of affairs, and I would be
> willing to pass on the role to anyone more suited to it if someone
> better appears (or the original maintainer returns).
> Thanks,
> Hunter Turcin

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