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Subject: 	Xfce (EU) September 2021 Report
Date: 	Wed, 06 Oct 2021 15:53:05 +0000
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Balance: 342,71 € (+19,59 €, -1,20 €)   |   12 backers (+1)

  Xfce (EU)

    September 2021 Report

Here are your monthly stats. We have attached a CSV listing the 2 
transactions from September. Just reply to this email if you have any 

342,71 € 		12
current balance 	
	financial contributors
(+19,59 €)
  (-1,20 €) 	

    📌 Goals

Edit goals <https://opencollective.com/xfce-eu/edit/goals>

Set a goal <https://opencollective.com/xfce-eu/edit/goals> to motivate 

    🗞 Updates

Post an Update <https://opencollective.com/xfce-eu/updates/new>

Your 12 contributors haven't heard from you this month. Post an Update 
<https://opencollective.com/xfce-eu/updates> to let your community know 
what you're up to.

    😏 1 new financial contributor

Steve Zabka <https://opencollective.com/guest-1ae4aa9a> 	
	*Steve Zabka*
15,00 € (one time)

    🗒 Expenses

Submit Expense <https://opencollective.com/xfce-eu/expenses/new>

No expenses this month.

    📎 Attachments

  * A CSV export of all the transactions for this month
  * NEW: A second CSV export in a different format (v2). Send us your

    🗣 Feedback

Feel free to reply to this email. A human will always be on the other side!


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