Hello, I am new, questions about compilation and testing, to be a developer.

Manuel Quintero Fonseca manuel at uas.edu.mx
Tue May 18 07:04:14 CEST 2021

Hi everyone, I would like you to help me contribute code to xfce, but first
I need to compile and test.

According to the guides, I have seen how to clone the gitlab repository,
but it only says how to clone a component, compile it and install it.

I would like you to share with me your way of working (playing) with xfce.

I have several concerns for example:
1.- Is there a way to clone the entire XFCE and compile it completely?
2.- How do you test the development version?
3.- I use xfce as my main environment, from the openSUSE repositories, how
do you test the gitlap version completely without interfering with my
openSUSE installation?

thanks to all.

NOTE: English is not my native language (please understand me in case some
words do not add up) :D
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