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Cyrille Pontvieux cyrille at enialis.net
Tue May 4 00:23:54 CEST 2021


First, I do not belong to the Xfce team.

If you, Jarno, plan to make deep modifications in this area (locking, 
sleeping, DPMS, …), maybe a diagram of current situation and proposed 
situation could help (to agree or not, to alter the design, …)

It will also be less scary with some sort of tests (I do not know if 
those components already have some or not). Tests for current situation 
first, then with the proposed evolution.

Xfce dev team is a small team, and I’m not sure there is a person 
responsible for such big changes (in features) across different 

So, in my opinion, to convince, you should not only communicate (through 
email or such) but also prove (by automatic tests, reproducible builds, 
that kind of things) that your ideas are better than the status quo. As 
the team is small, any change needs to be fully apprehended by the 
maintainer and the result code should be as small and as simple as 
possible, even if not all cases are covered.

This is just my advice after reading the discussion on this subject. 
It’s only my opinion and I don’t speak for the Xfce team.

Cyrille Pontvieux

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