GSOC 2021: Project Idea Proposal - "Create Sample/Skeleton plugins in all GOI supported languages"

Manjeet Singh 013 itsmanjeet1998 at
Thu Mar 25 16:27:19 CET 2021

Hi Alex,
Thanks for the invite, I accepted that too and yes will update the project
list as soon as i can.

Manjeet Singh

On Thu, 25 Mar 2021 at 20:34, Alex <acs82 at> wrote:

> Hi Manjeet,
> nice, would be great if could mentor for that project !
> Best add your detailed project proposal to the Xfce GSoC Wiki:
> Ideally place it before thunar, so that students will realize there is
> something new.
> (currently it is way downstarirs)
> Just sent you an invite to get "mentor" status on
> Cheers,
> Alex
> Am 25.03.21 um 09:27 schrieb Manjeet Singh 013:
> Hey Team,
> Continuing the things i  purposed on our IRC channel regarding the Xfce
> bindings to other languages so that developers who are more comfortable
> with other languages like python, go, js, rust etc. can either take part in
> development or create plugins acc. to their need, and ultimately make xfce
> more flexible, we can asked Students to create a skeleton plugin/app for
> the language in which they are comfortable and also that lang should have
> support for introspection.
> These things help new developers to contribute on xfce and others to boost
> their workflow with custom plugins (as they can do the same in their
> language of expertise).
> content can be like:
> "Create Sample/Skeleton plugins in all GOI supported languages"
> As we already have sample/skeleton panel plugin in C Language
> <>. and good
> example of thunar plugin in C
> <>, We can
> write the same for other languages which have support for Introspection, in
> that we create 2 plugins for each language,
>           1. A minimal skeleton which just creates a hello world like
> plugin.
>           2. Other sample plugin in which we use most of the available
> api's.
> that it's easy for everyone to understand the basic working and
> development of xfce4 panel and thunar plugins.
> *[Difficulty: Medium]*
> *[Required Skills: Gtk, Gobject, GLib]*
> As of now, I can mentor the same for Python, C++, JavaScript*, *Golang
> and Vala. so we can divide into subprojects per language.
> thanks @gaston for the Simple and Understandable Project title and
> @jphilips for help.
> Regards,
> Manjeet Singh
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