GSOC 2021: Project Idea Proposal - "Create Sample/Skeleton plugins in all GOI supported languages"

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Thu Mar 25 09:27:50 CET 2021

Hey Team,

Continuing the things i  purposed on our IRC channel regarding the Xfce
bindings to other languages so that developers who are more comfortable
with other languages like python, go, js, rust etc. can either take part in
development or create plugins acc. to their need, and ultimately make xfce
more flexible, we can asked Students to create a skeleton plugin/app for
the language in which they are comfortable and also that lang should have
support for introspection.

These things help new developers to contribute on xfce and others to boost
their workflow with custom plugins (as they can do the same in their
language of expertise).

content can be like:
"Create Sample/Skeleton plugins in all GOI supported languages"
As we already have sample/skeleton panel plugin in C Language
<>. and good
example of thunar plugin in C
<>, We can
write the same for other languages which have support for Introspection, in
that we create 2 plugins for each language,
          1. A minimal skeleton which just creates a hello world like
          2. Other sample plugin in which we use most of the available
that it's easy for everyone to understand the basic working and development
of xfce4 panel and thunar plugins.
*[Difficulty: Medium]*
*[Required Skills: Gtk, Gobject, GLib]*

As of now, I can mentor the same for Python, C++, JavaScript*, *Golang and
Vala. so we can divide into subprojects per language.

thanks @gaston for the Simple and Understandable Project title and
@jphilips for help.

Manjeet Singh
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