Glenn Horton-Smith glenn.hortonsmith at
Thu Jan 14 11:09:14 CET 2021

Hello xfce developers,

My name is Glenn Horton-Smith, and my real job is teaching physics and
contributing to neutrino experiments.

I really like xfce, and recently have found the xfce4-time-out-plugin
very useful. However, the "Dialog to resume does not appear after
login from lockscreen" issue (#13) was such an annoyance that I got
the source and implemented a workaround. (See comment in the issue for
detail.)  I'd like to contribute this small(ish) patch for your

Is the correct procedure to fork, make the fix on a branch in the
fork, and then generate a merge request? If so, could you upgrade the
account @glenn-horton-smith on so I could contribute
that way? Or if there is a better way to contribute the suggested
solution, just let me know.

  Best regards,

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