Xfce project and financial contributions

Kevin Bowen kevin.bowen at gmail.com
Thu Apr 15 22:41:43 CEST 2021


Open Collective is quickly being moved off of the table as a viable 
fiscal host for the Xfce project.

I had applied to join one of there collective, and was rejected because 
Xfce did not meet their criteria.


I can only guess that Xfce is not popular, or open source enough for 
them. Perhaps we don't have enough GitHub stars on our repositories. :-/ 
I don't really know as they have not responded to my specific questions.

I am still sort of engaged with them; but, this reception may be a good 
indicator that we may not want to deal with them. We shall see.


On 4/13/21 9:22 PM, Kevin Bowen wrote:
> Hello all,
> The Xfce project is currently in the process of looking to engage with 
> a new
> organization to help us manage our collective funds as well as allow 
> us to
> solicit donations and encourage fundraising efforts directed to end 
> users who
> would like to support Xfce financially.
> Back in June 2020, Simon had elaborated 
> [here](https://simon.shimmerproject.org/2020/06/18/why-bountysource-why/)
> as well as 
> [here](https://simon.shimmerproject.org/2020/06/26/bountysource-update/)
> on some of the issues encountered with Bountysource and that Xfce has, 
> subsequently,
> disabled its bug bounties and is looking to separate from its 
> association with
> Bountysource.
> As of this month, the Xfce team is considering signing up with 
> [opencollective](https://opencollective.com/) to assist us in managing 
> donations and financial contributions.
> There are a few other options/orgs that are still being considered; 
> but, opencollective is looking like a contender for where we will be 
> moving towards to manage collecting funds.
> Hopefully, we can announce, in a few weeks, that we are open for 
> business; and,
> a few new donation buttons can be put up on our pages. Perhaps we can 
> even do a PR push to do a fundraiser. I am open to suggestions on how, 
> exactly, to pursue this.
> That being said, I would like to open this up to the general dev 
> mailing list for discussion and feedback for at least two weeks before 
> we make a final decision. As of today, the decision to go with 
> opencollective is not yet final.
> Any constructive feedback is welcome. Additionally, we are open to 
> considering other sites/orgs for handling our donations.
> Thank you,
> kevin

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