Problem with xfconfd and XDG_CONFIG_DIRS

Marcus Orthbandt m.orthbandt at
Tue Nov 24 12:16:26 CET 2020

Hello to all,

I have asked a question in ToZ (Moderator) had said I 
should contact the xfce-dev Mailing-List. 

I use DEBIAN-XFCE (Bullseye, XFCE 4.14).

I have set in a Xsession.d-Script the $XDG_CONFIG_DIRS to this value: 
In /etc/xdg/xlinux/xfce4/xfconf/.... have I placed my 
But at start of xfconfd will be not all files loaded.
If I copy my XML-Files to /etc/xdg/xfce4 will be all correct loaded!

Following XML-Files will be not loaded from /etc/xdg/xlinux:
thunar.xml (I have modified view-settings)
xfce4-desktop.xml (I have modified background-image-settings)
xcfe4-session.xml (I have modified visiblity of the buttons on 

Other settings will be correct loaded from /etc/xdg/xlinux/xfce4..., 
example: xfce4-panel.xml

Can please anyone check the Sourcecode for this behavior?
Can anyone said explain what I do wrong?

I hope for help!

PC-vor-Ort Rutesheim
Inh. Marcus Orthbandt
Leonberger Stra├če 8
71277 Rutesheim

Telefon: 07152 / 338044
EMail:info at

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