CSD and sliders

Jay jaymot at juno.com
Sun Aug 30 05:48:00 CEST 2020

First, a comment on the controversial client-side decorations in the 
upcoming 4.16 version. I guess I'm something of a dissenter because 
based on the screenshots that I've seen I rather like the looks of CSD 
and think that it provides a more integrated, modern look and feel to 
the entire DE. I'm rather looking forward to it. My only concern is 
accessibility as I gather that CSD will depend on the GTK3 themes to 
provide such things as large-enough buttons in the upper-right corner to 
make clicking them easier and wide window borders for easier resizing of 
windows. I foresee a period between 4.16s release and when theme 
creators catch up where the only available themes with these features 
don't come in color schemes that suit my taste. It would be nice if both 
light and dark themes in several color variations with and without these 
accessibility features were to ship with Xfce 4,16, or at least if the 
documentation includes instructions for using CSS to override the 
theme's button sizes and window border thickness in one's 
.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css file so existing GTK3 themes can still be used. 
Meanwhile in Xfce 4.14 I can select whatever GTK3 theme I wish then 
select a window manager theme that provides the larger buttons and 
window borders, in my case City Ocean (as the "ocean" color variant 
matches my Matcha-dark-azul GTK theme's colors, more or less.)

Second, the main thing that I've always found annoying in Xfce is the 
requirement of using sliders to adjust values of settings throughout the 
DE with no ability to directly enter the value I want. For example, 
panel width (row size): if I want a 35px-wide panel I have to drag the 
slider back and forth, back and forth until I can finally get it to land 
on exactly 35. It would be so much easier if the row size's value was 
editable so it could be selected and overwritten, then I could just type 
35 and be done with it. I find sliders difficult to use with any kind of 
precision. I'd file an enhancement request but as 4.16 hasn't even been 
released yet as far as I know, it may already have this feature included.

Thank you.


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