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Jerry Bond stormyjerry at
Wed Aug 19 21:44:20 CEST 2020

Hi Devs --

I am the Lead for MX Fluxbox, which ships now with MX Linux as a "fully
integrated overlay" that makes use of underlying Xfce for the desktop
environment. It would provide exciting possibilities for a user to be able
to set up two different panels, one for Xfce and the other for Fluxbox--or
for that matter, one for Business and the other for Personal use.

The specific scenario that leads to this email: weather. Your brilliant
xfce4-weather-plugin is by far the easiest, fastest, most robust and most
versatile way to have access to weather conditions and forecast. I would
like to be able to use it, but at the moment all I can see is to create a
second panel and use it with the first one autohidden. Neither elegant nor
finally very practical. In my scenario would like to be able to launch the
weather panel, say:

*xfce4-panel --panel-2*

or if aliases were possible:

*xfce4-panel --weather*

So my question: is there an existing mechanism that I could make use of?

Thanks for reading.

Jerry Bond
MX Linux Project Manager
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