site migration and eventual decommission

Kevin Bowen kevin.bowen at
Sun Nov 10 00:42:18 CET 2019

Hello folks,

TL:DR - Documentation, projects and their dependencies are being 
migrated off of to 
beginning this month.
             The is eventually going to be decommissioned.


Starting this week, I am going to begin migrating documentation for 
active plugins and apps from over to their appropriate 
locations on

At this point, the criteria being used to determine a deprecated project 
is if the plugin/app has code on As the migration 
proceeds, the pages on goodies will be set to read-only for most 
accounts. Going forward, plugin documentation should primarily occur on 
the relevant pages here:

Please don't hesitate to contact me directly if you need to update the 
documentation on docs.x.o and I will get you set up with the proper 
permissions. As I go through and audit, migrate and update the 
documentation, I may be reaching out to maintainers on an as-needed 
basis. I will try and keep the noise to a minimum.

Once the documentation is moved, will NOT go away 
immediately, as there are code dependencies in the plugins that will 
need to be resolved to point to the new locations on

The scope and details of this project will be tracked and updated here:

Again, feel free to contact me either on/off-list if you have any 
questions, concerns or you foresee any risks moving forward.



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