inconsistent font settings in xfce4 components

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Tue May 7 08:55:21 CEST 2019

Am Thu, 11 Apr 2019 15:22:17 +0200
schrieb Olaf Hering <olaf at>:

> I configured a larger font size in the settings, which was used right away for the settings app, the panel and everything else AFAICT. Then a few days later the panel went back to a very tiny font. Also Thunar uses the same tiny font. The time in the panel uses the tiny font, while the logname in the upper right corner uses the large font. In the settings window the font is still as large as expected, most setting apps use the expected large font. Just the panel setting for example uses the tiny font. I looked around for configuration files that could affect that behavior, but nothing looks related. Not sure what I did to trigger this behavior.

As a follow up for this bug:

If other applications are updated, like claws or pidgin, the fontsize of the panel and clockwidget suddenly increases to the expected size. There are no rpm %post scripts, beside a call to ldconfig. So I suspect something under the hood is watching filesystem changes. The fontsize in Thunar and nm-applet do not change.

Today I got a crash in xfce4-panel, and after the automated restart the fontsize becomes as large as expected.

Is there perhaps an ordering issue during session startup? xfce4-panel is a child of xfce4-session either way. Just the initial process has no args, while the restarted process has "--display :0.0 --sm-client-id $uuid". The environment is almost the same:

--- x   2019-05-07 08:52:57.554161345 +0200
+++ y   2019-05-07 08:44:00.485713209 +0200
@@ -5,10 +5,9 @@ CPU=x86_64
 GPG_TTY=kein Terminal

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