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Jerry Bond stormyjerry at
Mon Jul 29 22:48:19 CEST 2019

Hi Devs --

We're following you closely, and will begin our last alpha testing as 
soon as pre3 is available.

We would like to be able to include the screensaver when we go to beta, 
but have been unable to get it to function reliably on MX-19 alphas, 
which are based on Debian Buster,  boot by default into sysV (though 
systemd is available) and use lightdm.
--For instance, we have yet to figure out how to have the screensaver 
_*not*_ lock the screen; the selections on the second tab appear to be 
We filed a bug report 10 days ago:
And I posted on the Forum:, but I have the impression 
that no one really has a clue at this point.

In addition, the Help file lacks even basic instructions for users.
--Is it, for instance, necessary to log out/in or reboot before operation?
--What is a normal config on the second tab; i.e., how does the average 
user negotiate all those options?
I write a lot of help files, and would be glad to draft up a set if we 
can get the thing to run correctly.

Bottom line: will this app be included in 4.14 or should we just move 
on? Thanks for any clarifications.

Project Manager
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