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Fri Jul 26 15:09:04 CEST 2019

Most of the references make sense to me, let me go one by one:
Runlevel 3 : I think it's a good baseline, no Xorg running, just the kernel
and background services.
Login screen : makes sense to check how much the display manager and Xorg
TWM session : its last release was in 2018, so not completely obsolete.
IceWM session : still maintained, but I would prefer i3 since it's more
popular (I know IceWM is not tiling).
Xfce : Here we could first check the footprint of 4.12 and then after the
release check 4.14.
KDE : See below.

With the exception of KDE, I expect Xfce to be the one with the bigger
memory footprint, so comparing with other more featured DEs (Mate,
Cinnamon, Gnome, etc) makes more sense.
For starters I guess we can skip testing with DEs not present in this page.
Using a virtual machine to run the scripts is preferable due
If you need help, ping me at #xfce-dev.

Andre Miranda

On Fri, Jul 26, 2019 at 9:51 AM American Bourne <amerigena at> wrote:

> Since I've been working on the System Requirements page, I'll rerun the
> script. But should those same reference points be used - runlevel 3? TWM?
> Thanks.
> RD
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