Introduction and interested on developing XFCE

Andi andide.linux at
Sun Feb 10 19:51:18 CET 2019

Hi guys,

my name is Andi and I'm 29 coming from Germany. I studied History, Cath.
Theology and Archaeology. Nevertheless, I'm a Linux user almost
3-4years. To be honest I've tried always different DEs. But at the end I
just want to have fast working Desktop.

I've heard and read in Forums that you still need helping hands, don't
you?  Here I am :=)

My personal programming skills are: Python, Java, C/C++ and Java Script.
Other languages to learn wouldn't be a problem for me.

If you have any questions so far on my person, just ask :-)

I hope getting started how to start the best way to help you on
develeopment to make XFCE better and more popular.



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