4.14 post steps and 4.16 kickoff

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Wed Aug 14 22:45:09 CEST 2019

El mié., 14 de agosto de 2019 10:55, Simon Steinbeiss <simon at xfce.org>

> Hi everyone,
> this message is mostly directed towards our core devs, but I thought it
> may still be relevant for everyone to read.
> As we managed to stick to our deadline for the final release (mostly :))
> it's time to collect the open points from 4.14 and the first steps toward
> 4.16.
> Please help - especially with completing the 4.14 steps, so we can start
> for 4.16 with a clean slate soonish!
> === 4.14 post steps ===
> * Create the tour (website)
> * Finish updating the slider with new screenshots on the frontage
> * Add more screenshots to the screenshots page
> * Create xfce-4.14 branches for each core component
> * Only push bugfixes to the 4.14 branches and new features into the master
> branch
> * 4.14 patch releases shall happen on the 4.14 branches obviously
> * Consider transifex sync for 4.14 branch and possibly deactivating 4.10
> and 4.12 (whatever may still be active)
> * Consider branching the docs straight away into a 4.14 namespace (same as
> we did for 4.12) so we can anytime update the master pages during the 4.16
> cycle
> === 4.16 kickoff ===
> * Start to think about the roadmap and fill things in here:
> https://wiki.xfce.org/releng/4.16/roadmap#roadmapplanned_features
> * Consider making this a short/er cycle again, so maybe just a few
> features and some further cleanups (also, don't forget we want to migrate
> to Gitlab next)
> I hope that makes sense to you all. The most important bit is certainly
> about creating the branches and not pushing new features into 4.14. (What
> is bugfix and what is feature is a bit relative and obviously up to your
> own judgement.)
> Cheers
> Simon
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For the translation part don't forget sync the website too, i'm expectant
to translate the tour and the new stuff
Also i did some standarization in terms of translations for the
screensaver, dont forget to sync it too

As for 4.16, dont forget therebis gtk4 comming next (?) year so dont overdo
it or we will end with another super long development circle (i think i
told this for gtk3 way back and it ended in a 4 year development anyway)

Finally maybe explicity mention the preffered theme for those wondering and
questioning what theme is on the screenshoots (and for the few recilient
packagera that dont ship it in they repos)

Also maybe move stuff to optional and dont care of it when we move to gtk4?

And does libxfxe4ui is still needed? Arch still package it with gtk2
depends and there is still components needed libxfce4ui
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