How to Build Thunar 1.8?

André Miranda andre42m at
Thu Jun 14 03:59:30 CEST 2018

Hello Stefan,
First of all, sorry for the confusion, as Alex said, we will be more 
cautious on next releases.
I have just released Thunar 1.8.1, now you can build and package it with 
stable versions of its dependencies.

André Miranda

On 09-06-2018 17:26, Alex wrote:
> Hi Stefan,
> sorry for the confusion, I was a bit too fast with releasing thunar as
> stable ( It runs very stable, it's just this tiny dependency )
> My suggestion would be to package it only in your testing/unstable
> branch for now.
> Hopefully we can provide a stable release of libxfce4ui-2 soon, so you
> can package it in stable.
> I promise to have a better look on the dependencies next time before
> releasing it as stable :F
> Cheers,
> Alexander Schwinn
> On 06/09/2018 08:44 PM, Stefan Seyfried wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I wanted to update the openSUSE package of Thunar to version 1.8.
>> However, it needs libxfce4ui-2 >= 4.13.2, according to
>> As I was told, xfce-4.13.x is a development version and I should never
>> ever even think about putting it into a stable distribution release.
>> So what should I do now?
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