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Dan Miller danielcliffordmiller at
Sun Jul 29 15:22:38 CEST 2018

Hello, I am trying to work with the newest version of the xfce4-settings package (4.13) and have the libxfce4ui library to match.


When trying to open in glade, I get at error saying that the libxfce4ui-2 catalog is unavailable.


I took a look at the libxfce4ui-2 catalog: and found that it does not match with the DTD that glade is using for catalogs:


Right off the bat, the glade-catalog element has a ‘supports’ attribute in the libxfce4ui catalog when no such attribute is found in the catalog DTD. Xmllint shows other inconsistencies.


Is there a particular version of glade that I need to be using?  (I am using Debian unstable, so glade-3.22.1-1).



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