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Tue Oct 10 01:14:29 CEST 2017

Hi Vinz,

thanks for taking the time to write all this down - makes a lot of sense. I
agree with all your points (although I would consider B3 really only valid
if we have enough manpower etc ;) ).

In accordance with A3 I have decided to share the burden of transifex
super-coordinator with you (especially as none of the current
super-coordinators are really living their role).
For A1 and A2 I guess we need to have a chat with Pasi or Romain.


On Tue, Oct 10, 2017 at 1:08 AM Vinzenz Vietzke <vinz at> wrote:

> Hi there,
> I recently went through many parts of Xfce's i18n infrastructure and
> documentation. To make it short: lot's of old stuff, many things
> unmaintained but truly a lot of useful gems grown throughout the years.
> So following up is my proposal for reorganizing i18n in Xfce, split into
> two phases. I put it up on this list to reach more people.
> A. Short term
> 1. Dump mailing lists. One list (xfce-i18n) is enough and for
> language-specific questions, discussions a short [LANG] tag added to the
> email topic should do the distinction job.
> Bonus: questions might be answered quicker as more people read them.
> 2. Before dumping email all lists subscribers directly and (of course)
> telling them about. Plus asking them if they are on this list alread
> and, which is even more important, if they would like to help out on
> Transifex.
> 3. Transifex needs coordinators for every language. If there is no one
> coordinating a language there should be some "super-coordinators" as
> backup. These persons shouldn't be devs or at least not core devs.
> Stacking work leads to problems.
> B. Long term (mostly RFC)
> 1. Ease up the introduction process. Someone dropping by at Transifex
> sees the need of some translation work in his language. If he decides to
> register at TX, to join team *and* do work: yeah, cool!
> But forcing him to additionally join the mailing list and introduce
> himself is a major blocking thing. I guess it's something from the
> pre-Transifex days where quality assurance had to be done manually. But
> with the split of translators & reviewers over TX this should be obsolete.
> 2. Wiki needs clean up. There are lots of really, really useful things.
> But as well there is lots of ancient, outdated stuff. Unfortunately most
> stuff is mixed so there needs to be manual work done.
> TBD: a process of cleaning up, either dumping everything and rebuilding
> or the other way around.
> 3. Revise the use of Transifex. It's not self hosted and it's
> proprietary but it does the job. There are up- and downsides of it so in
> the light of the Git hosting discussion TX should also be reconsidered
> *openly*.
> Generally speaking I'd step up for both doing "dirty jobs" as well as
> coordination work.
> Thanks for your time reading this!
> Looking forward to your comments,
> vinz.
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