Proposal: reorganizing i18n

Vinzenz Vietzke vinz at
Sun Nov 5 18:36:53 CET 2017


> Regards the mailing lists "merge":
> I think we should inform all lists but give them different time spans
> until the list is deleted. For semi-active lists maybe 14 days, for
> inactive just 7 days?
> I just started writing an info mail for semi active lists. DE and EN is
> already in shape but anyone willing to translate BR or FR - feel free to
> join the etherpad:

To keep everybody up to date:
André already sent a quick info to xfce-i18n-pt, see

The translations for FR, DE and PT are done, so I will send them out
now. Furthermore I will send the English version to xfce-i18n-pl and
xfce-i18n-cn. I re-thought the grace period and will set it to 7 days.
That should be enough for any (unexpected) interventions from list users.

That all said I just realized using xfce4-dev list for this topic. To
avoid i18n noise I will start a new thread on xfce-i18n. Sorry for any
inconvenience due to the "misuse" of this list.

Best regards,

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