Git post-receive hook to add a comment to related issue in bugzilla

Romain B skunnyk at
Tue May 30 23:36:32 CEST 2017

Hi all,

A new git post-receive hook is in place, it parse the git commit 
message, detect if there is a bug number referenced,  and automatically 
posts commits references to bugzilla related issue.

An example: 

Regex is "(?<=Bug)[:# ]*[0-9]+" for now.

This is a really cool new feature (thanks Simon for the idea/specs). 
It’s not perfect and it need more work, but it is now available on all 
repositories (appart from user repo and archives).

Also, syntax and bugs highlighting has been enabled on .

as a syntax highlighting example

look at the nice css around the bug number reference in the commit title :)


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