Bugzilla Xfce theme update: Status and resolution dropdowns combined!

Pasi Lallinaho pasi at shimmerproject.org
Tue May 23 14:29:36 CEST 2017


we've now progressed even further with the new Xfce theme for Bugzilla 
as you might have noticed.

The latest changes have been affecting the whole site (more unified form 
element look) but also specifically the bug pages, which now sport a 
sidebar for not-so-important data.

One of the latest changes is affecting the functionality a bit too: 
we've merged the status and resolution boxes together [1], so you only 
need to select the combination once. As this required some changes in 
how the form is submitted, I ask everybody using the Xfce theme and 
*changing a bug's status and/or resolution* to mention ANY potential 
weirdness related to this.

Some of the status/resolution combinations (DUPLICATE, INVALID, MOVED, 
WONTFIX) now have a dark grey background too.

If you are using an environment where JavaScript isn't enabled, the 
layout should be closer to what it has been so far. The functionality 
here should be exactly the same as before, but please keep your eyes 
open for any weirdness in this case as well.


[1] As a side-effect, the VERIFIED and CLOSED statuses can now only have 
the resolution FIXED attached to them. As this has been the case for all 
bugs except 7 since 2014, I don't think these combinations will be 
missed by anyone. If you feel strongly about this and are against the 
change, please reply to this mail.

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