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Thu Apr 20 21:06:42 CEST 2017


I been working in xfce4timer-plugin.
I would suggest any improvements.
How can I do to send the code with these improvements?
In this list? Another channel?
I'm sorry, I'm new and did not how to do.

The improvements are:
1. Add "keep above" for Beep window

2. When paused show other timers.

3. Add icon for main properties window, to show on apps bar.

4. The secondary window (add/edit timers)  now is a dialog, when is open 
no new icon on apps bar.

5. Made a new icon for application (really this is not an improvement is 
a proposal), and added size 32.

I have made these changes and working on my PC.

Very thanks.

On 05/04/17 05:46, Dani wrote:
> On 04/04/17 15:34, Simon Marchi wrote:
>> On 2017-04-04 05:27, Dani wrote:
>>> Hello:
>>> I did what Simon has indicated and worked well.
>>> My error was in not running make as root.
>>> Thank you very much.
>> Hmm if you need to run make as root to make it work (unless it's make 
>> install), you are doing something wrong.  Just do everything from the 
>> start as your normal user and it should be fine.
>> Note that in my example I was running things as root, since I popped 
>> up a Docker container to test it, and by default you are root.
> Well I do not know what I can be doing wrong to make it work just 
> being root.
> The fact is that now also works without being root.
> I think that running it once as root should have put something in its 
> place and so it now works without being root, as it should have done 
> from the beginning.
> Very thanks.
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