XFDesktop Wallpaper Folder Selection

Adam Glover masato529 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 30 18:44:06 CEST 2016

I patched the point release file with the additional 
gtk_file_filter_add_mime_type() functions, and it seems my question is 
answered.  This does resolve the issue, at least in my distro (which 
currently adds no patches to xfdesktop-4.12.3)

This should work until the next point release (unless our maintainer 
decides to package a git version).

The list has been quiet the last couple of days, so if anybody sees this 
thread, note that my questions have been answered for now.


On 09/29/2016 03:36 PM, Adam Glover wrote:
> Hello all
> There's a bug going around the distros (I'm a Void user, and just 
> learned of it today) that's popped up recently where attempting to 
> select the folder for wallpapers brings up a chooser where all the 
> files/folders are insensitive.
> Over at Manjaro, they blame it on GTK.  However, I'm checking to see 
> if this has already been noticed here and worked around.  The release 
> code I'm looking at is 4.12.3 (settings/main.c), and it looks like 
> it's been updated in master, but I can't if this is relevant to the 
> issue, or just part of normal program evolution (I'm really no GTK 
> programmer).
> If anybody knows anything, I'd appreciate any info.
> Adam Glover

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