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Yep, Xubuntu has a nice documentation, despite it uses docbook, which
difficults for search. I prefer Mallard structure or a Wiki, like XFCE.
However, those are Xubuntu's documentation. I think XFCE should have a
central, complete, easy to learn documentation. Archlinux has some
documenting about XFCE too. That's the problem, documentation about XFCE is
scattered and that difficults the new comer life. Still there are buttons,
options and check boxes on XFCE I don't know what they do. Well, what I'm
saying is XFCE should work on better documentation, which distros could use
for their own. The other way around, let the distros do the documentation
helps too, but if we keep the XFCE documentation wiki organized and up to
date, the help from others will come.


Kolmar Kafran

>> Hi,
>> Could you get in touch with the Xubuntu folks? They maintain an
>> documentation, I believe. And they should have someone who is supervising
>> documentation and who would be able to point out to known, agreed-upon
>> areas where improvements are needed in the Xfce documentation.
>> The best for this would be to hang out on their IRC channel (#xubuntu-dev
>> or #xubuntu-devel I believe).
>> On 1 September 2016 at 12:11, Kolmar Kafran <kolmar at kafran.net> wrote:
> Translation? We need first to establish a solid basis documentation. XFCE
> lacks a lot of documentation. I intend to first write where it lacks in
> english based on my experiences, and then in portuguese later. Much later.
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