Article in German c't magazine that mentions the thin window resizing border

R. Diez rdiezmail-xfce at
Sun Oct 30 07:57:43 CET 2016

Hi all:

There is an article about Xfce in the (quite popular) German c't magazine, issue 23, dated 29 october 2016.

The article targets the general user and Xfce is praised as a worthy alternative. The one thing that caught my attention is that they mention how difficult it is to resize windows due to the very thin window borders that some (default/most?) themes have.

This is an issue that also bugs myself since the very first time I logged into Xubuntu. The article does mention the alt+right mouse combination, but my muscle memory from other environments keeps tripping me up. Sometimes I forget about that combination in Xfce, and sometimes I try it on other systems that do not support it. I wonder if some CAD programs also want to use all such mouse key combinations for other purposes.

Before switching to Xfce, I remember thinking that this little detail is probably a symptom of bigger issues with Xfce. I still use Xfce, but I am afraid that much of that premonition has proved true.


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