Experiments with buildung mousepad with meson

R. Diez rdiezmail-xfce at yahoo.de
Sat Oct 22 09:47:17 CEST 2016

> Yeah, I forgot to pass -j4 to make
> [...]

The first prominent claim in section "Comparison to Make" at this page:


is this one:

"But fundamentally, make has a lot of features: suffix rules, functions, built-in rules that e.g. search for RCS files when building source."

I did not like this kind of reasoning, because it is easy to turn off that behaviour in GNU Make. You could argue that nowadays it should be turned off by default, but it is still not a good argument to support Ninja.

Try to pass "--no-builtin-rules" to GNU Make when building the Xfce projects on your PC, which disables this unnecessary checks. Does it get any faster? I am using the Autotools in my projects, and the generated makefiles do seem to work fine with --no-builtin-rules . For big projects, it does make a difference.


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