Git user repositories, and user branches

Landry Breuil landry at
Tue Jun 14 22:03:10 CEST 2016


i've managed to fix so-called 'user repositories' on,
developers with an account should now be able to create user
repositories again by adding a remote such as:

git add remote landry ssh://

The remote URL has to match users/<your username>/<reponame>

and then pushing to it, whatever branch:

git push landry test-branch

-> see the result on

User repositories don't trigger a mail to xfce4-commits at

An alternative is to push a branch prefixed with <yourname>/foo to the
'main repo' (ie not a user repo) - this is specifically allowed by the
git config.


git branch -m test-branch landry/test-branch
git push origin landry/test-branch

and see it on

(this method triggers mails to xfce4-commits at

A 'hidden' feature i discovered: if you want to 'share' your user
repository to allow another user to push to it, you can do so (if you're
the creator of the repository) by doing:

ssh git at perms users/<your username>/<reponame> + WRITERS <another username>

Untested yet, but from now on <another username> should be able to push
to your repo.

Help of the command available at:
ssh git at perms -h

I'll try to document that stuff on the wiki...

If the developers who have user repos on can
walk through them, and list what's merged/not merged/pending and give me
a list of obsolete user repos, i'll do some cleanup on the serverside..

And of course, if you have any questions on our git use, don't hesitate
to ask - via irc or mail..


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