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Simon Steinbeiss simon at xfce.org
Mon Jul 4 00:08:34 CEST 2016

Hey Ali!

No worries, sometimes there's just not enough time and too much work...
I've recently merged your branch to master and fixed some small things.

GtkLabels in Gtk3 have a default center alignment, so you have to
explicitly set it to left-aligned (I've already done that in git master). I
think notifyd didn't take RTL languages into account. (I'm personally not a
speaker of a RTL language and tbh I'm never sure and consequently likely
not sensitive enough about what users of RTL languages expect to see in

I can do the change of only using app-notification if you want, should be
fairly easy :)

The transparency issue is something we can fix as well (if you wanna work
on a patch, that's great), but I'd consider it minor for now.

I've also fixed some other small bugs but I guess other than that
xfce4-notifyd is ready for a first Gtk3 release soon.
Btw I've preliminarily changed the release version to 0.3.0 for now because
that is the next version in the scheme that notifyd followed so far, even
if that's not consistent with how other apps in Xfce do it. (Generally I
also don't mind jumping to 0.4.0.)


On Sun, Jul 3, 2016 at 4:59 PM Ali Abdallah <aliovx at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hey Simon,
> Sorry for this very very late reply.
> On 05/29/2016 11:21 PM, Simon Steinbeiss wrote:
> > Hey Ali,
> >
> > I tried your Gtk3 port and it works practically flawlessly! Awesome
> > work on that!
> >
> > Here are some observations though:
> >  * the labels (summary and content) are centered instead of
> > left-aligned, would be nice to get that fixed (or is it an intended
> > design choice?)
> I'll have a look into it. But I don't remember touching the labels of
> the summary and contents. BTW, what about RTL Languages?
> >  * the application uses both .osd and .app-notification classes
> > (prioritizing .osd) which may contain conflicting styles in themes
> > that define both, so e.g. buttons or progressbars might be taken from
> > one class and the rest from another. I'd personally favor going for
> > only one class (app-notification) instead to avoid this (or at least
> > to set this as the primary class)
> Okay, I can base the style on app-notification.
> >  * the transparency setting in the settings dialog conflicts with the
> > rgba feature of Gtk3 themes (not sure what should take precedence
> > there, as a themer I would go with the theme, also for consistency
> > with other notifications using the css class/styles, but users may
> > have a different view on this)
> I can add a checkbox to use, by default, the rgba theme settings. User
> has to uncheck it to use the transparency slider.
> >
> > Cheers
> > Simon
> Cheers
> Ali
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