Porting xfdesktop to Gtk3

Florian Weigelt weigelt.florian at gmx.net
Wed Dec 28 19:12:51 CET 2016

Thanks for your feedback.
So it looks that mostly the icons are problematic. On a single monitor,
like in my setup, they don't show up at all so this is the first bug I
will be working on. Unfortunately, this is not a bug I introduced with
my changed but deeper in the code. Does anyone know about changes in
Gtk's realize/unrealize logic between Gtk2 and Gtk3?
I will use the free days now to debug the Gtk2 version of xfdesktop to
find out where the differences are.
And in regards to the monitor turning off: Sorry, I cannot debug this here.
Kind regards

On 12/21/16 00:49, André Miranda wrote:
> Hi Florian,
> Thanks and nice work!
> I've been using xfdesktop with your patch for a couple of days and
> noticed only a few glitches.
> I use a notebook + monitor, after login Xfce disables the notebook's screen.
> So here is what I could find:
> - Desktop icons are not displayed, but if I enable both screens, the
> icons are on notebook's screen, disabling the second screen the icons
> are moved to my monitor.
> - Desktop Settings dialog's content are not resizing vertically
> - After dragging a file the selection rectangle appears
> - "Show hidden files on desktop" make all the icons disappear (they
> reappear if icon size is changed)
> - Icon context menus are not dismissed on first click out
> - Icons are not correctly themed (Numix here)
> Cheers,
> André Miranda
> On 12/14/2016 01:37 PM, Florian Weigelt wrote:
>> Please find attached my initial work on porting xfdesktop to Gtk3. I
>> cannot test with a multi monitor setup here, so this would be something
>> anybody interested in helping could look into.
>> xfdesktop's Gtk3 version only runs when compiled with --disable-thunarx,
>> because thunarx pulls in Gtk2 symbols.
>> Also, I only worked with -Wno-deprecated-declarations, fixing those
>> warnings is work for later.
>> Kind regards
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