libxfce4ui user repo for gtk3

Eduard Roccatello eduard at
Fri Oct 30 09:13:39 CET 2015

Il 29/10/15 22:34, Simon Steinbeiss ha scritto:
> Uhm, actually that library compiles against both Gtk2 and Gtk3 
> already, which is how apps like Parole can be Gtk3-only but still make 
> use of it.
> I think dropping Gtk2 support for the next release is a really bad 
> idea simply because not everything Xfce might be ported by then (the 
> goal is the the core).
> So yeah, tbh I think this library can stay as it is for 4.14. I think 
> there are bigger fish to fry, e.g. how to deal with all the 
> deprecations (stock items anyone?) in other libs.
Hello Simon,

I think we should drop GTK2 support.
libxfce4ui is a core component and Xfce 4.14 will be GTK3 only so I 
don't really see the need to have GTK2 support.
Also having a dep on GTK2 imho is more bloatness in os maintenance.

Obviously this is my opinion and I'd like to hear others' opinion to 
make a choice :)


PS: Simon please do not top quote :-P

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