Thunar queued job execution

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I wasn't saying that we should keep exo's (and therefore Thunar's) job/task management. A port to GTask is definitly worth it (but not planned for the 4.14 release and that's fine). Have a look at Especially the description. 

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Hi flo, OmegaPhil,

flo, thanks for the heads-up, I was aware of that and that's why I plan to
avoid changing anything related to how Xfce handles tasks/jobs. My idea is
to add something like a scheduler that will take care of when a Thunar job
is run/created. After the creation of the job everything is left to the
underlying systems. This should avoid problems with any other system also
relying on Exo or any other underlying system.

OmegaPhil, I will certainly do that before I start working on the
implementation. Thanks for this link/resource, I tried to find some file
manager with that capability but wasn't able to.

Stefan Mitic

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> Before you start rewriting Thunar or Exo jobs please be aware that these
> use deprecated API. Glib introducted GTask quite a while ago, and GTask has
> support for different priorities. Actually a lot of exo functionality is
> directly available in glib now (but not all of it).
> To be honest I am not convinced that any of the Xfce projects should
> implement different copy modes. This is OS or at least low-level library
> stuff. We just build a job, how this job is actually processed is not
> really our concern. Just my 2 cents.
> Kind regards
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> Hi Alex,
> first of all thanks for the answer. I have looked into thread management
> already and there is currently no way to set thread priority in GLib, that
> functionality was remover a long time ago (commit it was removed in
> <
> >)
> due to its unreliability. There is one way it could work right now but it
> would require (as far as I can tell) modifying "xfce/exo" which I would
> like to avoid as it is not used by just Thunar and might invoke problems
> with other peaces of Xfce using it.
> I will try and write a "job manager" over the next few days and commit it
> for review and approval.
> If you, or anyone else, have any ides on how to solve this differently I
> would appreciate any input.
> Regards,
> Stefan Mitic

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