GtkImageMenuItem replacement

Matthew Brush mbrush at
Sun Jun 7 12:31:35 CEST 2015

On 2015-06-07 03:17 AM, flo.xfce at wrote:
> I never intended this to become a discussion about "when", I only
> wanted to know "how".
>> Manually packing labels is the *upstream recommend way* of doing
>> things
> This is great to know. I only found statements like "you could to
> this, or that, ..."
> On the priority list, menu replacement is pretty much at the end, I
> understand that. But if one developer finds the time to port one app
> there are no consequences for the others, since, as you already
> pointed out, they still work. I'd like to experiment with it so that
> at a later point, the knowledge and maybe even the code is there when
> the ImageMenuItem is finally removed.

In this case, probably the path forward is porting it to GMenu API in 
GLib or GIO (I always forget which). IIRC it requires parsing of XML to 
load the menus and local network messaging server in order to have 
regular old menus inside an application make things happen.

Matthew Brush

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