GtkImageMenuItem replacement

Matthew Brush mbrush at
Thu Jun 4 02:38:00 CEST 2015

On 2015-06-03 11:00 AM, flo.xfce at wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> another mail regarding the GTK3 port.
> One really big issue is the deprecation of GtkImageMenuItem. There was a
> discussion on this list in February on this topic, but as I see it,
> without a final statement.
> So now I ask: How do we replace it?
> Just drop it?
> Use GMenu which still has icon support (but with different semantics)?
> Or write a wrapper in libxfceui4 which packs a GtkGrid with an icon and
> a label into the GtkMenuItem (which is derived from GtkBin)?
> Hopefully, these are the only three options but I fear there are more.
> For the sake of consistency I would greatly appreciate if a core
> developer would make a final statement so that individual patches from
> possibly a lot of different contributors follow the same "port rules".

When stuff is deprecated in GTK+, it will still be available until at 
least the next major version.

IMO, it would be more useful to focus on porting the stuff that won't 
work at all on GTK+3 (ex. sealed members, dropped APIs, etc) first, 
rather than spending time porting all the loads of deprecated stuff, 
much of which has no suitable replacements yet, and will likely be still 
working fine and supported for the next decade or more.

My 2 cents, as a pragmatic application developer.

Matthew Brush

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