GtkImageMenuItem replacement

flo.xfce at flo.xfce at
Wed Jun 3 20:00:14 CEST 2015

Hey everyone,
another mail regarding the GTK3 port.
One really big issue is the deprecation of GtkImageMenuItem. There was a
discussion on this list in February on this topic, but as I see it,
without a final statement.
So now I ask: How do we replace it?
Just drop it?
Use GMenu which still has icon support (but with different semantics)?
Or write a wrapper in libxfceui4 which packs a GtkGrid with an icon and
a label into the GtkMenuItem (which is derived from GtkBin)?

Hopefully, these are the only three options but I fear there are more.
For the sake of consistency I would greatly appreciate if a core
developer would make a final statement so that individual patches from
possibly a lot of different contributors follow the same "port rules".


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