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Mohammad Ghasemi ghasemicompany at
Mon Jul 20 17:07:35 CEST 2015

Subject: new "recommended applications" wiki page

The page does not help users choose
applications, very much.

The description of most applications merely says "this app is lightweight".
Which is a redundant sentence, because the are meant to be lightweight!

The format of the page also makes it hard for the user to compare and
choose applications.

I think the Use case for "recommended applications" wiki page should be
something like this:
To help the users to find the lightest application in each category that
meets their needs.

To satisfy this use case we need one table for each category that has the
following fields: Name, Ram usage, Features, Website, Remarks
The table should be sortable by field name. It should be sorted by Ram
usage by default.

Usage Scenario: the user visits the page. He/she wants to find the lightest
software in category x that has the features he wants. The User chooses the
category. He then sees a table sorted by ram usage that contains a list of
software in that category. He then reads the features field of every
software (starting from the top, lightests first) until he finds the
software that has all the features he wants. Then he read the remarks (if
existed). After that, he looks on Name field to  check  if the software
exists on his distro's repo or not. If it does not exist, then he would
look at website field to visit the website of the software.

Thank you!
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