Next Slackware release vs. Xfce 4.12

Niki Kovacs info at
Fri Jan 30 17:40:05 CET 2015

Le 30/01/2015 17:27, Steve Dodier-Lazaro a écrit :
> Have you considered shipping the "4.11" version, i.e. all the latest
> releases of the individual Xfce components? We still have a few things
> to do before 4.12 but most distros ship versions closer to git head than
> 4.10, as I understand it.

Hi Steve,

The MLED system builds upon Slackware, it's really only an extra 
repository which features more or less everything that's missing for a 
"bells-and-whistles" Slackware desktop. The Xfce part properly speaking 
is provided by upstream Slackware, except a few extra components like 
Xarchiver, the Xkb plugin or some extra artwork.

Slackware's policy is quite strict in this regard. Patrick Volkerding 
only ships "official" releases, no alpha, beta and/or git versions. Of 
course I could start and write a few dozen SlackBuild scripts and 
provide updated packages. But that's upstream's job.

On a side note, the irony here is that recently I had a talk with a KDE 
developer (at the Linux convention in Montpellier), and I suggested to 
him that they please slow down their frantic release cycle of one new 
version every six weeks. And here's me suggesting the exact opposite to 
this mailing list. Well, not exactly an encouragement to give in to the 
general release frenzy. But maybe (just a suggestion) adopt something 
like the Debian team and try to publish something officially stable 
roughly every two years? Remember what happened between Debian Woody and 
Sarge? Judging from the messages on various forums (, 
...), folks begin to wonder what's happening to Xfce.


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