Documentation screenshot guidelines

Simon Steinbeiß simon at
Sat Feb 21 17:33:12 CET 2015

Hey folks,

sort of following up on the heads up about versioned docs, I wanted to propose a small update to our default screenshot-style for online docs [0]

As a result the xfce-engine having dropped support for Gtk3 and being dropped probably in its entirety with the migration to Gtk3, I wanted to propose Greybird as default theme for screenshots.
We've discussed this on IRC in the last few days and the final decision was between Adwaita and Greybird. Adwaita has a major downside though in comparison to Greybird, which is that its Gtk2 theme differs from Gtk3. (While there have been efforts to make them resemble more closely, e.g. notebook-tabs or menubar-menuitems look fairly different. Even Buttons and Comboboxes don't match exactly.)
Greybird looks practically indistinguishable in Gtk2+3 apps, so in an ideal world, the transition to Gtk3 would not even warrant an update of the docs. (Maybe I'm too optimistic here.) Either way, it would hopefully smoothen the transition to Gtk3 docs for the future.
Another argument would be that Greybird was already used for the 4.10 screenshots in the tour [1] and those on Xfce's frontpage.

To make the more outdated screenshots not look too much out of place, I would keep the rest of the setup (be aware though that the default Xfwm4 theme in git-master has changed considerably in style!) proposed by Nick on the page linked to above.

If nobody opposes this change, I would update that page and add a link to Greybird's source.

Let me know what you think!



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