Easy bugs for new contributors

Steve Dodier-Lazaro sidnioulz at gmail.com
Tue Feb 17 17:22:25 CET 2015

Hey everyone,

In order to attract new contributors to Xfce, I'm starting a "list of easy
bugs": https://wiki.xfce.org/contribute/easybugs

This list is not for *us* to fix, but for newcomers who would be
intimidated by more complex bugs. Of course the list is good only if
populated. I propose we aim to have 2-ish bugs per component on the list.
So, if you've got a report which you know requires little knowledge / has
little potential for breakage, and which you're too busy or lazy to fix
right now, send me the bug report and I'll add it to the list (or add it
yourself :-) ).

Steve Dodier-Lazaro
PhD Student
University College London
Free Software Developer
OpenPGP : 1B6B1670
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