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Peter de Ridder peter at
Wed Feb 4 20:04:06 CET 2015


The discussion on the gtk3 theme has come to an end.
What does this mean for the xfce gtk engine?

The current state of the engine:
Gtk2 some fixes in the refresh branch since last release.
Gtk3 themes that worked ok until 3.4. The engine code needs to be checked
with the latest version.

What should we do with the Gtk3 part of the engine?
Engine code:
1) Drop it completely
2) Fix the code to work with the latest versions
3) Reduce the code to only the checkboxes. (The rest can probably be themed
a) Drop them
b) Leave them as is, and accept patches to get them fixed
c) Fix the assumed to be used ones (Dusk, Xfce 4.x series)

I'll be willing to put some time in this, if we think that is the right way
to go.

In my opinion the xfce engine serves two purposes, provide a default theme
(gtk2 default is ugly) and provide a light-weight engine for the low end

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