GNOME Shell-like dashboard as a panel plugin

adlo adloconwy at
Mon Aug 31 02:51:41 CEST 2015

I've made some changes to lightdash:

New features:

Support for transparency

Initial support for updating the previews when windows are resized


Implement favourites buttons

Implement a pager with a fixed vertical orientation

Implement a method for varying the number of columns in the grid, in order to ensure that the window previews are always as large as possible and make the most efficient use of the space. It would be nice to have an algorithm that can calculate this value. I am not sure how I could do this; does anyone have any ideas?

Known bugs:

The preferences dialogue freezes.

The window switcher does not expand to fill the available space.

The bottom of the window switcher sometimes extends beyond the lower edge of the window, meaning that the bottom of the window switcher is not visible.



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