Why design matters

Eduard Roccatello eduard at xfce.org
Fri Aug 21 11:45:53 CEST 2015

Il 21/08/15 11:22, Steve Dodier-Lazaro ha scritto:
> Hi everyone,
> It would be very valuable in this kind of discussions on the design 
> process of Xfce if everyone used design vocabulary, and translated 
> their thoughts and opinions in tangible design principles and 
> processes. Everyone has a different opinion and just arguing endlessly 
> about "keeping users free to do what they want" or "making Xfce simple 
> and unbloated" doesn't really give us much of a direction or coherence 
> in the way we propose changes.
> I realise that we have never bothered to articulate our approach to 
> design, especially as Simon, Pasi, myself and the developers share 
> common values and usually agree rapidly on what decisions are most in 
> line with our view of the project when discussing UI improvements. If 
> you feel that this would help you to join the conversation, I could 
> draft one next week when back in London. In the meantime, I encourage 
> everyone to be constructive, detailed and provide concrete material 
> for the discussion to move forward. It is also likely that the 
> discussion needs to branch into several; that would help us have 
> topic-centric conversations which I'm sure will be fruitful!
As I've written we should have a design guideline so I think it would be 
perfect to use the wiki to have a draft document to discuss.
Anyway I didn't mean to be offensive but "freedom" and "unbloatness" are 
not "arguing about something" but two important key points imho.

So I'm waiting forward for the draft ^_^


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