Experiments in porting exo to Gtk3

Harald Judt h.judt at gmx.at
Mon Aug 10 13:31:41 CEST 2015

Am 08.08.2015 um 12:33 schrieb Jonas Kümmerlin:
> Over the last two days, I tried to port some code of exo to Gtk3, just
> to see what it would take, and figured maybe you guys could use some of
> it for the 4.14 development (see attached patch).
> Now working with Gtk3 are ExoIconView, ExoIconChooserDialog and the
> exo-helper, exo-open and exo-desktop-item-edit utilities.
> Code is still rough at some edges (grep for TODO and FIXME), riddled
> with #if, but compiles and appears to be working.
> Regards,
> Jonas

The exo git master branch has already been ported to gtk3. Most of exo
can be replaced by standard gtk/glib functionality, so in the midterm we
want to get rid of exo and that's why it only contains a minimal


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