Concerned about the development of xfce.

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Sat Sep 20 20:33:02 CEST 2014

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> Hello Román and welcome!

Thank you.

>   Xfce could use more developers, testers, bug wranglers, and all
> that. Xfce is still active, the pace is just slow. I contribute
> patches here and there when I can and quite a few others do as well.

Ok, so the first thing that I am going to do is building xfce in my system from scratch and I am going to work with git version of xfce to test it and find bugs.

>   My question for you is what would you like to work on? There's a lot
> of components to Xfce so it might be best to find things that annoy
> you or you might find interesting to work on. For general resources to
> help get started there's:
> and

I am going to look at these links to learn about all components because I use xfce for several years ago but as simply user.

>   There's also an #xfce-dev channel on freenode irc if you have a
> stable connection and want to chat there. If you have development
> questions feel free to bring them up here or on IRC. Hopefully we can
> help get you going and any questions you raise may help us improve our
> documentation for future contributors as well.

Ok so. I hope I can help you with this fantastic desktop.

> Cheers,
> Eric

Thank you so much for your reply ;)

> On Fri, Sep 19, 2014 at 5:30 PM, Román <rgmf at> wrote:
> > Hello everyone.
> >
> > I am following this list because I would like to help you with xfce developing, translating, testing... and all I could do.
> >
> > Also because the xfce developing seem stopped and I am very concerned because is my favorite desktop. It is awesome environment to me.
> >
> > Well, what about xfce developing? Is it active? Are there enough people enrolling in it?
> >
> > Thanks everyone for the great effort you do.
> >
> > Regards.
> >
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