ANNOUNCE: xfce4-power-manager 1.4.0 released

Eric eric.koegel at
Mon Sep 15 09:02:13 CEST 2014

xfce4-power-manager 1.4.0 is now available for download from

  SHA1 checksum: f66254c36d7027414bd7c39ba086bd85b840a5aa
   MD5 checksum: 39163f026596404a740d85df87cd95dc

What is xfce4-power-manager?

This software is a power manager for the Xfce desktop, Xfce power
manager manages the power sources on the computer and the devices that
can be controlled to reduce their power consumption (such as LCD
brightness level, monitor sleep). In addition, xfce4-power-manager
provides a set of freedesktop-compliant DBus interfaces to inform other
applications about current power level so that they can adjust their
power consumption, and it provides the inhibit interface which allows
applications to prevent automatic sleep actions via the power manager;
as an example, the operating system’s package manager should make use
of this interface while it is performing update operations.


Release notes for 1.4.0

See the 1.3 development release notes for a full list of changes from
the 1.2 stable version to this release.

* Miscellaneous bug fixes:
 - Conditionally use xfce_dialog_show_help_with_version
 - Add support for lxpanel 0.7+ (Bug 11108)
 - Yves-Alexis Perez fixed the logic of xfconf logind inhibition keys
 - plugin: update desktop file install location
 - plugin: Fix crash when devices (dis)connect
 - Point to versioned help docs
 - Add DragonflyBSD to host check
 - Only use batteries for current charge state that are
   used for power supply
 - fix minor build warnings
 - Sync the brightness slider with blank and DPMS settings
 - plugin: Use the brightness-slider-min-level for the scroll wheel
 - Draw a bubble with a question mark if the device state is unknown
 - Keep blank and DPMS timeout settings in order
 - Fix typos in debug messages
 - Update AppData info about the panel plugins
 - Never try to display the -missing icons
 - Add timestamp for 1.3.2 release to AppData
 - Add trailing colons in labels for Comboboxes and Spinbuttons

Translation updates: Bulgarian (bg), Chinese (China) (zh_CN),
 Chinese (Taiwan) (zh_TW), Croatian (hr), Czech (cs),
 Dutch (Flemish) (nl), English (Australia) (en_AU),
 Finnish (fi), French (fr), German (de), Indonesian (id),
 Italian (it), Japanese (ja), Kazakh (kk), Malay (ms),
 Norwegian Nynorsk (nn), Polish (pl),
 Portuguese (Brazilian) (pt_BR), Russian (ru),
 Serbian (sr), Thai (th), Ukrainian (uk)

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