Hosting location for Xfce server

Matthew Brush mbrush at
Tue Oct 28 02:20:26 CET 2014

On 14-10-27 01:09 PM, samuel wrote:
> I might not have been clear in my initial email but we do have a machine
> already:
> It's a 1U Dell server. Dual socket (Xeon 5300) machine with a couple of
> harddrives. Not sure what the typical power consumption of such a machine
> would be.
> I have no idea about the bandwidth usage. I guess Nick or Eric could
> provide us with more insight of that.
> I believe the Xfce project has it's own certificate so there should be no
> costs there.

I don't think it does anymore, parts of the mailing list site and some 
other infrastructure stuff[0] has been complaining for quite a while 
about invalid SSL certificates. At least it's the case in my Firefox, 
and it made me go into about:config and actually disable some security 
feature before it would let me choose "I understand the Risk" thing to 
keep going.

Matthew Brush

[0]: For example,

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